Siekta Silent Auction Specialists Hotel Stays
Siekta Silent Auction Specialists Art Auction

Art: Beautiful limited edition prints and art works from world famous artists. Matisse, Lichtenstein, Damien Hirst, Tracy Emin and many more can be included in your silent auction.

Hotel Stays: What a wonderful way to surprise someone special with a stunning hotel stay somewhere around the world by placing a bid in your silent auction brochure. From 5* Maldives escapes to luxurious European city breaks your guests will be spoilt for choice.

Auction Items

We take great pride in sourcing bespoke items linked to your specific theme complimenting your silent auction fundraising event.

A great silent auction fundraising event starts with a diversity of auction items selected to compliment your silent auction fundraising event taking care to ensure the price points suit your guests. From Siekta’s experience, a successful silent auction fundraising event is about creating a great excuse for guests to treat themselves or someone special while raising money for a wonderful worthwhile cause.


Within silent auction fundraising events we typically offer 4 categories of items to help you maximise your fundraising: 


Choosing a breadth of categories will provide maximum diversity to delight and inspire your guests in any silent auction fundraising events you may choose to run.

Siekta Silent Auction Specialists Memorabillia

Memorabilia: We offer an excellent range of signed, sought after items covering all genres; sport, music, film, tv, and politics. As a member of AFTAL all our items come with a certificate of authenticity. Memorabilia items regularly create talking points around your charity event as guests discuss their memories surrounding a legend.

Siekta Silent Auction Specialists Experiences

Experiences: These can be from thrill seeking to indulgent to something you wouldn’t have thought of, corporate hospitality at a sporting event, wing walking, chef’s table, Tomatina tomato festival to name but a few.

Siekta Silent Auction Specialists