Bidding Styles

Our ultimate aim is to make sure your fundraising event is a great success by providing bidding options best suited to your event.

We want to ensure your fundraising event is a great success by encouraging participation in a style best suited to your guests and your fundraising goals. Siekta stands apart from other silent auction providers by tailor-making our auctions for each and every fundraising event.


We take the time to understand your needs and to find the best solution for you and your guests, whether that be a classic, sealed paper based silent auction or the increasingly popular electronic bidding. We will advise you between the private ‘sealed’ or more public ‘electronic’ style to enhance your fundraising event.

Siekta Silent Auction Specialists Sealed Bidding
Siekta Silent Auction Specialists Electronic Bidding

The sealed paper-based bidding style has typically been how silent auctions are run offering an inclusive fundraising choice.

Prior to your fundraising event, we will design and produce an impressive silent auction brochure detailing each of the auction items.


Right from the start of your event guests have the opportunity to bid discretely on the items of their choice by placing their maximum offer along with their contact details on a silent auction brochure.

This style encourages guests to be more generous with their bid as they know they only have one opportunity to successfully win their desired item.

In a gadget driven age, electronic bidding has become increasingly popular. This style of bidding creates an excitement through your event as guests are able to become involved with the bidding experience.


Electronic tablets are positioned on each table ready for guests to start bidding. Each bid is automatically displayed on a large screen visible for all guests to view.


In contrast to the secrecy of a silent auction, electronic bidding creates waves of excitement through your fundraising event by creating the feel of a live auction. This often leads to a dramatic finale as guests compete against each other in the last few moments of the auction as they become determined to be unbeaten in their final bid.